Thursday, October 16, 2008

5k jog to Cabrits National Park

"Sweet Apples"

They taste like custard!

While walking home...

Something poked me in the foot.

Clinic in the Carib Territory

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Picard - The City I live in

Map of the local area:

North Picard (Near Moo Cow Trail)

Supposed to start in 2001 and the lot is still empty. By island time they are still early.

Downtown Picard (Banana Trail and campus front gates)

We have our own Starbucks (read)

James Store is the major grocery store here, next to Perky's Pizza

South end of campus

South end of Picard

Food of Dominica

The avocados are HUGE

Fresh fish isn't hard to find but you have to clean it yourself

Breadfruit: a starchy, fibrous vegetable. Like a cross between a potatoe and artichoke.


Fruits I have never seen in my life


The Farmer's Market

Arrive at 530 if you want anything good

Fresh Coconut, 25 cents!

By 630 it was cleaned out!